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Hawthorne Park Lite THD

1.14 usd

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BUY! THIS IS TEGRA ONLYSo you may have played Bang Bang Racing THD and thought there were things you would have liked to see done differently or a feature you would have liked in the game, well now we are giving you the chance to get involved.
You may be wondering what Hawthorne Park is all about and why the high price's the theory behind it:
It's a demo that we did a while back and we've decided to make it live because...we want your help...
We're developing our 2012 killer racing game for iOS and Android and based on Hawthorne Park Lite we'd love to know what features and any suggestions you would like in this style of game.
The price is high because we also want to raise some funds to go towards the next game to help us make it even better - buying Hawthorne Park will GUARANTEE you a FREE copy of the new game and your name will go in the support credits.
So please buy the prototype and get involved in game development.
Send all your questions, comments and ideas to
Thank you
Team Atomicom